The Song of the Reed Flute by Rumi [In Verse Translation]


The Masnavi, also known as Mathnawi, is a remarkable literary work crafted by the renowned Persian poet and mystic, Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Balkhi, more commonly known as Rumi. Comprising of an astounding 26,000 couplets divided into six volumes, this magnum opus stands as one of the most significant contributions to Persian mystical literature and Iranian […]

The Collected Poems of Hafiz


Hafiz, also spelled Ḥafez (born 1325/26, Shīrāz, Iran—died 1389/90, Shīrāz), was one of the finest lyric poets of Persia. Hafiz received a classical religious education, lectured on Qurʾānic and other theological subjects (“Hafiz” designates one who has learned the Qurʾān by heart), and wrote commentaries on religious classics. As a court poet, he enjoyed the patronage of several rulers of Shīrāz. Hafiz […]