Ali Salami

Rumi: Ghazal 1334

What a miracle: we are in the fall, and the sun has entered the sign of Aries.

My blood begins to boil in the flow of my body like a camel going wild and setting my being in motion.


Watch the play of these waves of blood! See how the plains fill with Majnuns! Witness this unseen feast! Completely safe from the sword of death.


Even the lifeless awaken to new life, the old are rejuvenated; Copper turns into pure, freshly mined gold. For every departure from our city, a better, more beautiful departure is added.


A city bursting with joy and abundance. Every drunkard has a cup in his hand; one chases pleasure, the other health and well-being. Here a river of milk, there a stream of honey.


In a city, there is usually only one ruler, but this wonderful city is full of monarchs; there is only one moon in the sky, but this sky is full of moons and Saturn.


Go on and tell the physicians, “There is no work for you here,” For in this place there is no disease, nor does anyone see the face of discomfort.


In this town, there is no judge, no court. No governor, no market inspector.

How could discord, enmity or war cross the waters in the sea?

About Rumi

Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi (also Jalal ad-did Muhammad Balkhi, best known as Rumi, l. 1207-1273 AD) was a Persian Islamic theologian and scholar who became famous as a mystic poet whose work focuses on the possibility of a meaningful and sublime life through personal realization and love of God.

Rumi was a devout Muslim and although his poetry emphasizes a transcendence over religious strictures and dogma, it is rooted in an Islamic worldview. Rumi’s God, however, is open to all, regardless of their faith, and the desire to know and praise this God is all that is required for a spiritual life.


این بوالعجب کاندر خزان شد آفتاب اندر حمل

خونم به جوش آمد کند در جوی تن رقص الجمل

این رقص موج خون نگر صحرا پر از مجنون نگر

وین عشرت بی‌چون نگر ایمن ز شمشیر اجل

مردار جانی می‌شود پیری جوانی می‌شود

مس زر کانی می‌شود در شهر ما نعم البدل

شهری پر از عشق و فرح بر دست هر مستی قدح

این سوی نوش آن سوی صح این جوی شیر و آن عسل

در شهر یک سلطان بود وین شهر پرسلطان عجب

بر چرخ یک ماهست بس وین چرخ پرماه و زحل

رو رو طبیبان را بگو کان جا شما را کار نیست

کان جا نباشد علتی وان جا نبیند کس خلل

نی قاضیی نی شحنه‌ای نی میر شهر و محتسب

بر آب دریا کی رود دعوی و خصمی و جدل

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