Ali Salami

Hafiz: Ghazal 6 [A Sip of Wine]

Who shall carry this petition to the court of the sovereign of all graces? Let not the monarch in his splendor neglect the humble, whose gratitude elevates the throne.

I mourn and implore my Creator to overcome the diabolical rival, hoping for heavenly favor, that the shooting star may help.

My beloved, when your sable fringes decide to besiege our being, do not be swayed by their cunning; think and reflect!

When you light up your face, you illuminate the core of the entire cosmos. But what use is this to you? Why do not you extend your grace to everyone?

All night long I yearn: perhaps the zephyr of dawn, bringing news of known lovers, can give comfort to the soul familiar with affection.

My love, with your face shining like Luna and your form like a tall tree, what disaster have you brought upon your admirers?

For heaven’s sake, give Hafiz just a sip of wine at dawn so that you may reap his blessing, for supplication at dawn is the greatest mercy.


به ملازمان سلطان که رساند این دعا را؟

که به شُکرِ پادشاهی ز نظر مران گدا را

ز رقیب دیوسیرت به خدای خود پناهم

مگر آن شهاب ثاقب مددی دهد خدا را

مژهٔ سیاهت ار کرد به خون ما اشارت

ز فریب او بیندیش و غلط مکن نگارا

دل عالمی بسوزی چو عِذار برفُروزی

تو از این چه سود داری که نمی‌کنی مدارا

همه شب در این امیدم که نسیم صبحگاهی

به پیام آشنایان بنوازد آشنا را

چه قیامت است جانا که به عاشقان نمودی؟

دل و جان فدای رویت بنما عِذار، ما را

به خدا که جرعه‌ای ده تو به حافظ سحرخیز

که دعای صبحگاهی اثری کند شما را

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