The Vortex (Gerdab) By Sadeq Hedayat

The Vortex (Gerdab) By Sadeq Hedayat

Homayoun muttered to himself, his voice barely a whisper, “Can it really be? Is it conceivable? So young, she lies there in Shah Abdol Azim among thousands of other departed souls, nestled in the damp, cold earth… The shroud that envelops her. Never again will she experience the beginning of spring or the end of […]

The Darkroom By Sadeq Hedayat

The Darkroom By Sadeq Hedayat

During our moonlit journey through Khonsar, we were joined by a man wrapped in his dark raincoat with his wide-brimmed hat pulled down over his forehead, apparently to shield himself from the outside world and avoid conversation with his fellow travelers. He had a parcel tucked under his arm and carried it with him throughout […]

Lucifer: A Short Story by Reza Joulaee [English Translation]

Reza Joulaee

The firmament glowed with an ominous hue, an ethereal crimson that cast an eerie pallor upon the desolate landscape. Gusts of wind, laden with particles of earth, swirled with an almost mournful grace, rustling the parched branches of the trees. Sensing the impending tempest, the man hastened to secure his surroundings, his hands deftly manipulating […]

Abbas Maroufi : A Moonlit Night [A Short Story]

Abbas Maroufi

About the Author Born in 1957 in Tehran, Abbas Maroufi was raised and educated in Tehran. He studied dramatic arts at Tehran University while teaching at schools and writing for the newspapers. He served as the editor in chief of the literary Gardun magazine from 1990 to 1995. His first published work was a collection […]

Bozorg Alavi: The Portmanteau (Chamedan)

The Portmanteau

Bozorg Alavi was a leftist writer and one of the most noted Iranian novelists of the 20th century, whose works were banned in Iran from 1953 to 1979. Alavi is known for his novel Her Eyes and collected stories The Portmanteau (Chamedan). Biography of Bozorg Alavi Born in Tehran on February 2, 1904, Bozorg Alavi […]

Sadeq Hedayat: The Stray Dog [Sag-e Velgard]

Sadeq Hedayat

A bakery, a butcher’s shop, a grocery store, a barber’s shop and two teahouses, all of which served to satisfy basic human needs, made up Varamin Square. The square and its inhabitants were half-baked and half-grilled in the heat of the tyrannical sun, passionately longing for the first breeze of the evening and the shadows […]