Jalal Al-e Ahmad: The Life Which Fled [Zendegi ke Gorikht]

Jalal Al-e Ahmad

Jalal Al-e Ahmad: The Life Which Fled [Zendegi ke Gorikht] The sun’s heat tormented the mind and deserted the road along the riverbank. Coming and going was impeded, as if it had paused. On the other side of the river, amidst the palm groves, a mist seemed to dance — a mist interwoven with dust. […]

Madeline By Sadeq Hedayat

Claws By Sadeq Hedayat

The other evening I was there, in the little parlor. Her mother and sister were also present, the mother in gray and the daughters in red, matching the crimson velvet of the sofas. I leaned my elbow on the piano and watched them. There was silence, except for the needle of the gramophone playing the […]

Manifestation (Tajalli) By Sadeq Hedayat

Sadeq Hedayat

As dusk began to weave its shadowy carpet across the sky, Hasmik pulled the brim of her hat down to cover her eyebrows and pulled the collar of her cloak closer, as if to ward off the encroaching cold. With swift, deliberate steps, she made her way home, her mind so ensnared by confused thoughts […]

The Couple By Ghazaleh Alizadeh

Ghazaleh Alizadeh

1 Dear listeners, think about the eternal truths that lie before us. Examine your conscience. The world stands on the edge of an unknown precipice. In these turbulent times, people’s actions are deviating from their past by engaging in endeavors far removed from the complexities of brain surgery. I assert this as one of the […]

The Indian Crow By Fereshteh Molavi

The Indian Crow By Fereshteh Molavi

I wake up in Delhi to the cawing of a crow perched on a willow branch, to the dance of light on the shadow of a dream, to the scent of a tropical morning. Spring. The awakening of spring. The elation of travel. I pull aside the cotton curtain, open the window and the quiet […]

The Behind-the-Curtain Doll By Sadeq Hedayat [Arusak Posht-e Pardeh]

The Behind-the-Curtain Doll By Sadeq Hedayat

The summer vacation had begun. In the corridor of the boys’ grammar school in Le Havre, the boarders left the school whistling and cheering with their suitcases in their hands. Only Mehrdad was standing still, holding his hat like a merchant whose ship had sunk, looking despairingly at his suitcase. The principal with his bald […]

Hajji Murad By Sadeq Hedayat

Hajji Murad By Sadeq Hedayat

Hajji Murad stepped from the threshold of his store with a bold leap, smoothed the folds of his robe and fastened his silver belt before running his fingers through his henna-stained beard. He summoned his apprentice Hassan with a shout. Together they secured the store for the day. From the depths of his generous pocket, […]

The Darkroom By Sadeq Hedayat

The Darkroom By Sadeq Hedayat

During our moonlit journey through Khonsar, we were joined by a man wrapped in his dark raincoat with his wide-brimmed hat pulled down over his forehead, apparently to shield himself from the outside world and avoid conversation with his fellow travelers. He had a parcel tucked under his arm and carried it with him throughout […]

Bozorg Alavi: The Portmanteau (Chamedan)

The Portmanteau

Bozorg Alavi was a leftist writer and one of the most noted Iranian novelists of the 20th century, whose works were banned in Iran from 1953 to 1979. Alavi is known for his novel Her Eyes and collected stories The Portmanteau (Chamedan). Biography of Bozorg Alavi Born in Tehran on February 2, 1904, Bozorg Alavi […]

Sadeq Hedayat: The Stray Dog [Sag-e Velgard]

Sadeq Hedayat

A bakery, a butcher’s shop, a grocery store, a barber’s shop and two teahouses, all of which served to satisfy basic human needs, made up Varamin Square. The square and its inhabitants were half-baked and half-grilled in the heat of the tyrannical sun, passionately longing for the first breeze of the evening and the shadows […]