Lucifer: A Short Story by Reza Joulaee [English Translation]

Reza Joulaee

About the Author Iranian writer Reza Joulaee, born in 1950, hails from a middle-class family in Iran. He initially pursued a medical education at Shiraz University but ultimately veered towards the field of economics, earning a Bachelor’s degree in the discipline. However, the reasons for his decision to change paths remain known only to him. […]

Gholamhossein Sa’edi: The Game is Over [English Translation]

Gholamhossein Saedi

Gholam-Hossein Sa’edi was a celebrated Iranian writer who made a significant contribution to the country’s literature and cinema. Born on January 15, 1936, in Tabriz, he went on to become one of the most prolific writers of his time, publishing over forty books across a wide range of genres. The Game is Over is translated […]

Rasoul Parvizi: The Patched Pants [Shalvarhay-e Vasleh Dar]

The Patched Pants by Rasoul Parvizi

Rasoul Parvizi (1919-1977) was a renowned short story writer and prominent figure in Iranian politics. He served as a member of parliament at the National Consultative Assembly and as a representative at the Iranian Senate Assembly. Rasoul Parvizi was also a prolific newspaper columnist, providing insightful commentary on various social and political issues. In 1957, […]

Sadeq Hedayat: Dash Akol [English Translation]

Sadeq Hedayat

About Sadeq Hedayat Sadeq Hedayat was an Iranian author whose contributions to Persian fiction marked a significant departure from traditional literary styles. Widely regarded as one of the most accomplished Iranian writers of the 20th century, Hedayat pioneered modernist techniques that continue to influence contemporary Persian literature. The following story has been rendered into English […]