The Song of the Reed Flute by Rumi [In Verse Translation]


The Masnavi, also known as Mathnawi, is a remarkable literary work crafted by the renowned Persian poet and mystic, Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Balkhi, more commonly known as Rumi. Comprising of an astounding 26,000 couplets divided into six volumes, this magnum opus stands as one of the most significant contributions to Persian mystical literature and Iranian […]

Lucifer: A Short Story by Reza Joulaee [English Translation]

Reza Joulaee

About the Author Iranian writer Reza Joulaee, born in 1950, hails from a middle-class family in Iran. He initially pursued a medical education at Shiraz University but ultimately veered towards the field of economics, earning a Bachelor’s degree in the discipline. However, the reasons for his decision to change paths remain known only to him. […]

The Beggar: A Short Story by Gholamhossein Sa’edi [English Translation]

The Beggar by Gholamhossein Sa'edi

Gholamhossein Sa’edi, a talented short story writer, has presented all the issues presented in this school in the form of the character of the great lady in the story “The Beggar”. Gholamhossein Sa’edi was a celebrated Iranian writer who made a significant contribution to the country’s literature and cinema. Born on January 15, 1936, in […]

Talking Shakespeare: Translating Shakespeare’s plays into Persian

William Shakespeare

Ali Salami is an associate professor of English literature and translation studies at the University of Tehran. In 2014, he organized and managed the First International Conference on Shakespeare in Iran at the University of Tehran, which featured Stephen Greenblatt (Harvard University) and Mark Thornton Burnett (Queens University) as its keynote speakers. Salami has embarked […]

Forough Farrokhzad: Selected Poems [English Edition]

Another Birth

One of the leading modern poets of Iran, Forough Farrokhzad was born and brought up in a military family. She married Parviz Shapur, the well-known Iranian satirist at the age of 16. The following selection has been translated by Ali Salami. Forough Farrokhzad learned painting and sewing and moved to Ahvaz with her husband. Thence […]