Translating Hafiz: Challenges and Strategies



Translating Hafiz: Challenges and Strategies is a book that explores the difficulties and approaches to translating the mystical concepts present in the poetry of Hafiz, a great Persian poet who has influenced European and American poets such as Goethe, Emerson, and Tennyson. The authors, Saman Rezaei and Ali Salami, analyze three English translations of Hafiz’s poetry to determine how effectively the translators have conveyed the mystical concepts present in the original text.

The book also investigates the translation strategies employed by the translators, using Lefevere’s strategies of literary translation as a basis for analysis. Through this approach, the authors determine the level of success achieved by each translator in conveying the meaning and essence of Hafiz’s mystical concepts in English. Additionally, the book explores which translation strategy is most effective for translating classical poetry, like Hafiz’s, into English.

Translating Hafiz is an essential resource for students and scholars in the fields of translation studies, cultural studies, and Iranian studies. It offers a unique perspective on the challenges of translating classical poetry and provides insight into the strategies that can be employed to overcome those challenges. By examining the work of multiple translators, the book provides a comprehensive analysis of the various approaches that can be taken to translate Hafiz’s mystical concepts into English.


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