Fundamental Shakespeare: New Perspectives on Gender, Psychology and Politics



This book offers a unique perspective on Shakespeare’s work from an Eastern point of view. The contributions in Fundamental Shakespeare provide fresh insights into a range of topics, including politics, psychology, and discourse, which have been under-explored in Shakespeare studies.

Divided into three sections, the volume covers a variety of themes and approaches. The first section explores political aspects of Shakespeare’s plays, considering how they reflect on issues such as power, authority, and governance. The second section delves into the psychological dimensions of Shakespeare’s characters and their relationships, examining the ways in which they embody human emotions and experiences. The third section examines the discourse of Shakespeare, analyzing the language and rhetoric used in his plays and the ways in which they shape meaning and interpretation.

Through its Eastern perspective, this book offers a fresh take on Shakespeare’s work, highlighting its relevance to different cultural traditions and contexts. It challenges traditional approaches to Shakespeare studies and opens up new avenues for exploration and interpretation.

Fundamental Shakespeare is an important contribution to the field of Shakespeare studies and will appeal to scholars, students, and enthusiasts of Shakespearean literature and drama, as well as those interested in the intersections between Eastern and Western cultures. The book offers a rich and diverse range of perspectives on Shakespeare’s work, shedding new light on its enduring significance and appeal.


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