Alex Christofi: Dostoyevsky in Love: An Intimate Life [A Persian Edition]



Alex Christofi’s “Dostoyevsky in Love” is a work of non-fiction that provides an immersive and enlightening experience for the reader. The book explores the life of the famous Russian writer, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, by carefully weaving together excerpts from his works with the historical context of his life.

The book is translated into Farsi by Ali Salami and offers a novelistic portrayal of Dostoyevsky’s life that delves into the stories of the three women who were closely intertwined with the writer: Maria, a consumptive widow; Polina, an impetuous visionary who had dreams of assassinating the Tsar; and Anna, Dostoyevsky’s faithful stenographer.

Christofi reconstructs Dostoyevsky’s memoir, providing readers with a new perspective on the author that showcases his gentle and devoted side. He is portrayed as an empathetic friend to the people, a loyal brother, and a writer who was able to penetrate the depths of the human soul.

Dostoyevsky’s life was full of ups and downs. He was sentenced to death as a young revolutionary, survived a mock execution, and was exiled to Siberia. Despite these challenges, he continued to write short stories, journalism, and some of the greatest novels ever written, such as “Crime and Punishment,” “The Idiot,” and “The Brothers Karamazov.”

Alex Christofi is a renowned writer and the Editorial Director at Transworld Publishers. He has written for numerous publications, including The Guardian and The White Review. “Dostoyevsky in Love” is his first work of non-fiction and provides readers with a unique and fascinating look at one of Russia’s greatest writers.


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