Jalal Al-e Ahmad: The Life Which Fled [Zendegi ke Gorikht]

Jalal Al-e Ahmad

Jalal Al-e Ahmad: The Life Which Fled [Zendegi ke Gorikht] The sun’s heat tormented the mind and deserted the road along the riverbank. Coming and going was impeded, as if it had paused. On the other side of the river, amidst the palm groves, a mist seemed to dance — a mist interwoven with dust. […]

Jalal Al-e Ahmad: The Superfluous Woman [Zan-e Ziadi]

The Superfluous Woman By Jalal Al-e Ahmad

How could I stay in my father’s house? It felt like the walls were squeezing my heart. This all started the day before yesterday. But could I have stayed there for even a moment in the last two nights? Sleep eluded me completely. I tossed and turned restlessly, my thoughts racing incessantly. It was as […]

The Autumn-Stricken Valley By Jalal Al-e Ahmad

Jalal Al-e Ahmad

In the afternoon, the final whistle of the mine sounded traditionally in the cold, misty valleys of Zirab. The sound meandered everywhere: it snaked through the branches of the barren trees, slipped under the iron roofs and wooden cladding visible along the valleys, and penetrated the long, dark tunnels where it turned people’s lives into […]