Voices of girls with disabilities in rural Iran

The Portrayal of Islam and Muslims in Western Media: A Critical Discourse Analysis
May 20, 2020
An analysis of the cultural representation of disability in school textbooks in Iran and England
May 21, 2020

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By Zuraidah Don , Ali Salami and Amir Ghajarieh

This paper investigates the interaction of gender, disability and education in rural Iran, which is a relatively unexplored field of research. The responses of 10 female students with disabilities from Isfahan indicated that the obstacles they faced included marginalization, difficulties in getting from home to school, difficulties within the school building itself, and discrimination by teachers, classmates and school authorities. The data collected for the study contain a wide range of conservative gendered discourses, and show how traditional gender beliefs interact with disability to aggravate the problems faced in education by young women with disabilities. It is hoped that the findings will raise awareness among policy-makers of the many formidable obstacles that make it difficult for young women with disabilities to achieve their full potential in education.


Disability & Society-Voices of girls with disabilities in rural Iran

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