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My House is Cloudy | Nima Yushij | Ali Salami

Flowers of Flesh | Sadeq Chubak | Ali Salami
January 15, 2020
Morning Glory | Sohrab Sepehri | Ali Salami
January 15, 2020

My house is overcast by clouds

Permanently weighed by a pall of cloud over the earth.

The wind, broken, desolate and intoxicated,

Whirls over the pass.

The world is laid waste by it

And my senses too!

O piper!

O you enchanted by the music of the pipe,

Where are you?

My house is cloudy, yet

The cloud is impregnated by rain.

Cherished by the illusion of my bright days,

I stand opposite the sun

I cast my gaze upon the sea.

And the entire world is desolated, ravaged by the wind

And the ever-playing piper progresses onto his path

In this cloudy world.

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